Tenant Support - General

Our team can also help you  with:

  • Reporting anti-social behaviour and what you can do
  • Moving home by a management transfer or mutual exchange
  • If you have an idea to improve your neighbourhood
  • If you have a parking question
  • If  you have an issue about your Tenancy or Lease
  • Give you information on other services that we provide which may help you

Our team are ready to speak to you, call us on 01992 765 900, option 2, or send us an email with the support you require and we will get back to you.

Your Wellbeing

Wellbeing is the experience of health, happiness, and fulfilment.

This includes looking after your physical, mental and emotional health and identifying what really matters to you. By doing this, your mental health improves, as does your life satisfaction and sense of meaning or purpose. It also means you can manage stress and anxiety better too. We can help with access to the right services.

People have the right to be safe in their homes and relationships. No one, whatever their gender, sexuality, age, culture, race or disability should suffer domestic abuse. If you are thinking about leaving an abusive relationship and are worried about your safety or the safety of your children, you can tell us in confidence and we will help you get in touch with people who can help you.

Feel free to contact Jacqui at tel no. 01992765947, or email: jacquibainbridge@christianaction.org.uk

Any matter raised will be treated in confidence.


Financial advice

At Christian Action we have a strong Income support team. 

Our Income team can:

  • Help you to make a budget
  • Arrange a payment plan with you
  • Help you prioritise your debts
  • Help you access any Benefit Support you might be entitled to
  • Support with energy or cost of living concerns

You may contact them by email or phone, details below for each service.

  • General Needs - Elaine Mochar & Elaine Falconer, tel no. 01992765939/29, email: elainemochar@christianaction.org.uk or elainefalconer@christianaction.org.uk
  • Retirement - Kate Byrne; tel no. 01992765955, email: katebyrne@christianaction.org.uk
  • Young People Services - Foyad Siddiqui; tel no. 02088877974, email: foyadsiddiqui@christianaction.org.uk

We also have a dedicated page on financial well-being for you, with links to some expert advice and support, click here for more information.

Other support we are able to offer you

Employment, education & training advice (EET)

If you want to get support with getting back in to work or get some help with training, our specialist EET team can support and give you the best advice and ways to get on.

Computer skills

We can help you with basic support in setting up an email address or sign up to the tenant portal. We can also develop your digital skills

Partnership support

Being a local landlord, we work with a range of local partners and local agencies to offer our customers personal support. We can help you talk or work with your local Council.

For support or just to chat about any of the above email us at: info@christianaction.org.uk