Tenant Engagement

4 Icons resembling togetherness and tenant involvement.

At Christian Action, we have many opportunities for tenants to get involved in shaping and improving our services. 

Our aim is to ensure that, as a tenant, your voice is heard and considered in improvements we make to our services and policies.

Your opinions and views are valuable to us, therefore we have various opportunities for you to get involved in. Please see below for more information. 

Ways to Get Involved:

Join the Tenants' Voice
The group meets every three months to discuss company updates, policies, local offers and how our services can be improved. The meetings take place during the day or early evening and can be face to face or virtual. To fin dout more about the Tenants' Voice, click here.

Complete Surveys and Questionnaires
By giving us your opinion we can shape and improve services that directly affect you. 

Estate Champion
This involves a monthly estate inspection with a simple form to complete and send back to us. You will be looking at the quality of the cleaning and gardening and reporting any communal repairs. We gift estate champions a £10 voucher for ever 2 inspections they complete.

Community Days
Come along to our community days or nominate the estate where you live for one. Our next community day will be in early summer 2022.

Selection and Interview Panels
Tenants can be involved in interview process for the selection and appointing of new contractors, security and concierge and members of Christian Action staff. 

Interested in participating in any of the above?

Contact us here