Serving North London for over 50 years

Cathy go home

Our History

Christian Action (Enfield) Housing Association was founded in 1966 as a local, church-based, response to the need for affordable housing for rent. This remains our core activity, and we continue to build new housing and purchase older properties for renovation when the opportunities arise.

It was the time of Ken Loach’s famous television play ‘Cathy Come Home’, telling the story of a young couple, evicted by bailiffs and facing a life of poverty and unemployment, squatting and staying in shelters for the homeless. Eventually the mother Cathy had her children taken away by social services.

Motivated by Christian concern to meet housing needs in the Enfield area, the founding members from local churches established Christian Action as a vehicle for social action.


We own or manage over 1,590 dwellings, providing a range of housing and services in the four North London boroughs of Enfield, Barnet, Haringey and Waltham Forest. We work in partnership with local authorities, the community and voluntary sectors, private sector organisations, and we seek to provide high quality services that are affordable and accessible to our customers.

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