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About NES

Neighbourhood Estates Solutions, known as NES, was formed in 2010 as a Social Enterprise to provide cleaning and grounds maintenance services to Christian Action Housing’s customers living in communal buildings. Our mission is to provide high quality services as well as employment opportunities to people living in our communities.

We recognise that NES plays a key role in ensuring that our customers have safe and pleasant places to live.

Our teams work across four boroughs in North London providing high quality hygiene services. Every member of staff takes pride in the work they do and works hard to ensure that our sites are well-maintained.

We take care to ensure that the services we provide are safe and efficient. Our Charge hands regularly monitor the quality of the work and make certain that we respond to issues quickly to resolve them.

In addition to our contracted work, we often carry out one-off deep cleans to support the work that Christian Action Housing does.

Because we are part of Christian Action Housing, we are in a great place to respond to the different needs of our customers.

We love to have feedback so please do make contact with us if you like what we’re doing or think there’s something that we can improve.

Email us on

Telephone 01992 765900 or 07930 858279

Service Quality Standards

The level of service you can expect from us

  • We will provide professional, DBS checked staff to provide your cleaning and grounds maintenance services
  • We are committed to putting people (our customers and staff) at the heart of the service we provide
  • We promise that we will listen to the needs of Christian Action Housing and the needs of people who receive the service
  • We will display information about our service on sites and let you know what you can expect from us
  • We will tell you when we are visiting and what service to expect at each visit
  • We will tell you about the staff on our service so you can easily recognise authorised people working in your homes

Visual representation

Our on-site staff will:

  • Wear clean uniform with a clear logo at the start of each day
  • Wear a clear ID badge when we are working
  • Act professionally whilst we are in our uniform
  • Be friendly and approachable. Our staff will smile and if you smile back, it will make their day

Complaints, Compliments and Queries

  • We will always aim to get things right first time.
  • If things do go wrong, we will aim to put things right and investigate to ensure we don’t make the same mistake twice.
  • We will make ourselves available and respond to enquiries quickly.
  • We will follow the standards set out in Christian Action Housing Association’s Complaints Policy
  • We believe in recognising our staff when they go the extra mile. If you have a compliment, we will make sure that our staff hear about how fabulous you think they are.

Keeping in Touch

  • We value feedback so we will check with our customers that they are happy with the service that they receive and get feedback about ideas to make things even better.
  • We will check that the service we provide is good by doing regular quality checks.
  • We will also provide contact details so that you can tell us about any concerns or if something is not right.