Our Policies

At Christian Action Housing we have a range of policies and procedures that help us with our service. On this page we have published a selection of our most relevant policies, if you cannot find what you are looking for or, you have any queries please contact us.

Our policies are designed to be inclusive to all our customers regardless of their gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, religion or belief, age, culture, disability, background or life experience. To help us to meet our diverse customer needs we carry out a diversity impact assessment on all our policies.

Aids Adaptation Policy [pdf] 109KB

Gas Servicing Policy Procedure [pdf] 610KB

Reactive repairs policy and procedure [pdf] 214KB

Recharge Policy [pdf] 298KB

Allocations Lettings Policy [pdf] 298KB

ASB Policy .pdf [pdf] 473KB

ASB - Harassment and Hate Crime Policy .pdf [pdf] 222KB

ASB Noise Nuisance [pdf] 162KB

Complaints Policy .pdf [pdf] 194KB

Compensation Policy [pdf] 165KB

Data Protection Policy [pdf] 288KB

Eviction Policy .pdf [pdf] 84KB

Income Collection and Arrears Recovery Policy [pdf] 206KB

Safeguarding Adults Policy [pdf] 189KB

Safeguarding Children Policy [pdf] 308KB

Unacceptable Customer Behaviour Policy [pdf] 142KB

Setting Reviewing Service Charges Policy [pdf] 190KB


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