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Enfield Foyer provides high quality supported housing for young people in housing need aged 16-24 (no older than 23 at point of referral) living in the borough of Enfield.

The Foyer has 36 self-contained studio apartments. Each young person has a designated skilled support worker.

The Foyer works on the principle of the Foyer Foundation that underpins all Foyers. Foyers are accredited to ensure that they are more than just accommodation by applying the following 3 principles:

The Focus meets the development needs and goal of young people in transition.

The Approach makes a positive ‘offer’ of integrated skills, resources and opportunities accessible for young people

The Relationship is based on formal commitment – or deal – between the young person, the services, and the community, which is a condition of continues engagement.

Referrals are currently received from Enfield Council housing needs department and Enfield Family Assessment Support Team (FAST). We also accept self-referrals.  All applications are assessed against the service eligibility criteria, which includes needs and risk assessments.

How Enfield Foyer Works

At Enfield Foyer, we specialise in working with young people with low to medium support needs. This means that young people who need some degree of support in some areas of their lives, but are ready to move forward in their chosen area of training, education or employment.

The support provided at the foyer  includes; helping young people to gain the skills they would need to maintain their own tenancy, support around life skills (for example, social skills) support around health issues and general pastoral care. We provide a holistic approach to support young people’s transition from dependence to independence.

We work in partnership with other agencies to support  individual needs, such as colleges, Department of work and pensions, employment agencies and training placements. In addition we can sign post young people for mental health assessment, refer to drug and alcohol agencies, counseling services or any service that supports the young person to gain independence.

The support package is designed to suit the individual needs of the young person to ensure that they maximise their potential whilst living at the Foyer. The maximum time young people can stay at the Foyer is 2 years. Whilst we do not provide move on accommodation, we will support young people to access appropriate move –on accommodation through private rented or other rent deposit housing schemes.

YP in media suiteThe foyer has a state of the art media suit that allows all young people in the service to be trained if desired in music and video production, any young people who would like a career in any of these fields will have the opportunity to do a 6 week on-site accredited program.  

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