How to report ASB

What is anti-social behaviour (ASB)? Making too much noise at unsociable times such as late at night, being rude or threating, damaging property, not following house rules, putting you or others at risk

As a client of Christian Action Housing, you can expect to be treated with respect and dignity; therefore if you are a victim of any form of ASB we will take all steps possible to rectify the situation.

We understand that ASB often leaves you as the victim feeling helpless, desperate and with a seriously reduced quality of life.  You must report your concerns immediately to a member of staff such as your support worker or the service manager.  This can be carried out in the following ways: email, phone call, letter or face to face. 

As your landlord we have a responsibility to you to act upon all concerns:  What does this mean? Staff will in most cases convene a formal meeting to discuss the concerns raised by the complainant, an ASB report will be completed and placed within a matrix risk assessment category. Staff will always seek the earliest and best intervention with informal or formal approaches for the most successful outcomes.

If you want more information about ASB please click here.

To report ASB you may complete our on-line form, which will be treated in strict confidence.

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