All you need to know about paying your rent

What does my rent pay for?

Christian Action Housing Association is a registered charity that aims to charge affordable rents. The rent that you pay goes towards:

  • Carrying out repairs and improvements to your home.
  • Managing your home.
  • The cost of building or developing the homes.
  • Helping pay back loans used to modernise older homes and build new ones.
When should I pay my rent?

It is a condition of your tenancy that your rent is paid each week in advance.  If you have a monthly tenancy, your monthly rent will be due monthly in advance.  You can set up a direct debit or standing order, use your Allpay card at a Pay Point outlet, over the phone with your debit card, or direct to Allpay using your Allpay card, or pay on-line here.  For further details on ways to pay your rent please click here.

What if I have trouble paying my rent?

You must contact your Customer Services Manager or a member of the Customer Services Team to discuss this.  You may also be eligible to claim housing benefit or Universal Credit if you are unemployed or on a low income. 

How much should I pay?

If you have been a tenant for less than a year, your Tenancy Agreement tells you the amount of rent and any other charges that you have to pay each week. If you have been a tenant for over a year you will have been sent notification of the revised charges which are implemented every April.

If you decide to pay your rent monthly, the amount that you need to pay will depend upon whether you pay every four weeks, or every calendar month. Please ask your Customer Services Manager how much you need to pay and remember, monthly payments must be in advance.

It is very important that you pay your rent on time. Please contact your Customer Services Manager immediately if you have any queries about your rent or if you are having difficulty paying it or claiming Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. We are here to help.

How will I know about any changes in the rent?

Your Tenancy Agreement explains how often your rent can increase. We will always give you at least four weeks' notice in writing of any rent increase.

Assured Tenancies/Assured Shorthold Tenancies, Licences and Leases

We review the rents for the above tenancy types yearly in April.

Secure Tenancies

Secure tenants have their rents registered by the independent Rent Service every two years.

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