How you may pay your rent

There's lots of easy ways you can pay your rent                               

  • Direct debit – this is easiest way to pay, as your money comes automatically from your bank account (providing you have adequate funds in your account), so you don't need to do anything once you have set this up.  You can download a direct debit form here Direct debit form [pdf] 61KB.  
  • Pay online via Allpay - the online system we use where you can log in and pay 24/7.  allpay app
  • Download the Allpay App and you can pay your rent on the go through your mobile or tablet.
  • Standing order - Set up your standing order  with your bank or building society so that the money comes automatically from your bank account,  (providing you have adequate funds in your account)  download a standing order form here -  Standing Order Form [pdf] 71KB
  • Call the Allpay telephone payment line 0844 557 8321
  • Post Office or Pay Point in a local shop with your Allpay card

You can get budgeting and financial management advice with - Debtsmart

If are you experiencing problems with managing your money and struggling to pay your rent and bills,  we can offer you support.

Our Debtsmart service offers free financial advice including budgeting, claiming welfare benefits and help with dealing with debts.

The service runs from our head office every Tuesday.  Our adviser, Irma, works for the Citizens Advice Bureau.  Please call us if you wish to make an appointment to see Irma or send us an email.

About your rent statement

Your rent statements are posted out to you quarterly. If you need a more up to date statement, you can check your current balance and see any payments you have made, and download your rent statement online through the tenant portal. My tenant portal log-in.

We generally send out our quarterly statements by the end of the second week of the following dates:

Quarterly Statements Periods
Month Quarter Dates
July Quarter 1 1 April to 30 June
October Quarter 2 1 July to 30 September
January Quarter 3 1 October to 31 December
April Quarter 4 1 January to 31 March


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