Paying Rent

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Your Support Worker will issue you with a payment card when you move in. This is called an AllPay card and you can use it at any Paypoint outlet. The amount that you have to pay will vary – if you are in receipt of JSA or another welfare benefit you will need to pay the ineligible service charges only. These are detailed on your Licence Agreement. If you are working or if your income is higher than welfare benefits your Housing Benefit will be less and the amount that you have to pay will be more. We will inform you of the amount you need to pay but you do need to tell us if your circumstances change.

There is a dedicated team, the Supported Housing Management Team, dealing with the rent and arrears in Young People’s Services. You can make an appointment with the Supported Housing Officer or the Supported Housing Manager from this team at any time regarding your rent. We also come out to the schemes to do rent surgeries with the residents and to meet with people individually as needed.

If you are in arrears you will receive a letter from us. We will always aim to set up an agreement with you to clear any arrears that you may have. It is important to respond to any letters you receive about your arrears and we would be happy to meet with you.

Please do not ignore any letters from Christian Action Housing or from Housing Benefit. If you do ignore any letters and your rent doesn’t get paid, your licence/tenancy could be at risk.

Your Support Worker will encourage you to pay your rent and advise you about budgeting, applying for benefits etc..

Your Housing Benefit will be paid directly to Christian Action Housing. Your Support Worker will assist you to make your online claim for Housing Benefit when you first move in.

It is very important that you make sure that your Housing Benefit claim is running and that you inform Housing Benefit of any change in your circumstances, e.g. if you start work, if you change benefits. When your claim is new, or if your circumstances change, Housing Benefit will write to you and ask for the documents they need. If you do not send these documents in to them, your Housing Benefit claim could be cancelled or suspended. This would mean your arrears would increase as your HB wouldn’t be paid. Your Support Worker or Supported Housing Officer can help you with this.

If you start work we can calculate how much Housing Benefit you are likely to receive and how much you would need to pay yourself, so that you do not get behind with your rent.

Managing your rent is an important part of living independently. If you do not pay your rent it could affect your ability to move on from our services.

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