Nominate a Member of Staff for an Award

Nominations will be considered in respect of a member of staff who you consider:

  • Goes out of their way to regularly deliver excellent customer service (external or internal)
  • Develops an initiative that enhances the customer experience
  • Is always upbeat/smiles in the face of adversity
  • Supports their team and colleagues to achieve outcomes
  • Is a problem solver, someone that identifies problems and proactively seeks to find solutions

Nominations and awards will be using the following categories;

Level 1)simply thank you” – up to 4-5 people awarded to say thank you for their hard work and commitment.  

Level 2) “Above and Beyond” – up to 3 people awarded for going above and beyond their role. 

Level 3) “Notable and Significant” – 1 person who has made a considerable impact or outstanding change within the organisation. 

The award panel will consist of the Chief Executive and Director who will meet annually to review the Nominations. You can nominate throughout the year and the award will usually be announced annually in April each year. This year the awards will be announced at the Staff Conference.


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