How We Prioritise Your Repairs

We classify our repairs into 3 categories. The lists below give some examples of which repairs fit into which categories. However, these may change depending on the circumstances of the tenant. For instance, a breakdown in heating may be much more serious for an elderly person or a family with young children than for other tenants, or a blocked toilet (as long as the blockage was not caused by the tenant) will be treated as more of a priority if it is the only toilet in the home.

Emergency – to be attended to within 24 hours

Works that are carried out in this category will deal with any immediate danger to people’s health, safety or security that may be caused by the disrepair. This may mean that a temporary solution will be provided within 24 hours but a more permanent repair will be carried out later. Emergency works include:

  • A total loss of electrical power
  • A total loss of water supply
  • A gas leak
  • A serious and unstoppable flood from burst pipes or other water leak
  • A blocked drain or toilet where there is no other working toilet in the dwelling
  • A failure in the heating system in cold weather in a home where there is an elderly, sick or vulnerable tenant or a young baby
  • Faulty locks or damaged door that is a security risk to main front door/ communal doors to houses or blocks
  • Broken windows (if we are responsible) that create a security risk to the tenant

Urgent repairs – to be carried out within 5 working days

These repairs will be carried out to deal with serious situations but no ones that threaten the health and safety or security of tenants. We may treat some of these repairs as emergencies if you could be considered to be in one of the vulnerable categories noted at the top of this page. Urgent repairs include:

  • A partial loss of electrical power
  • A partial loss of water supply
  • A blocked drain or toilet where there is another usable toilet in the dwelling
  • A blocked sink, bath or wash hand basin (as long as the blockage was not caused by you)
  • Heating or hot water failure during summer months or in warmer weather, depending on your individual circumstances
  • Leaks or other plumbing repairs that can be contained and are not causing flooding
  • Faulty guttering that is causing water penetration but which is not an emergency
  • Faulty locks or doors which do not pose a security risk or which do not prevent use of the door in an emergency
  • Broken windows (if these are our responsibility) which do not constitute a security risk
  • A door entry system that is not working but which does not prevent entry through the main front door
  • A loose or damaged banister or hand rail to stairs
  • A faulty extractor fan in a kitchen or bathroom
  • Communal lighting and other communal fittings

Routine repairs – to be carried out within 20 working days

We will carry out repairs as part of our repairing obligations under the terms of your tenancy with us. However, there are a number of items that we will not give emergency or urgent priority. These include:

  • Easing and adjusting internal windows and doors
  • Minor fencing repairs
  • Repairs to internal plasterwork and walls
  • Repairs to or replacement of kitchen units
  • Replacement of bathroom fittings where there is no major leak
  • Non-urgent repairs to electric fittings
When you report a repair to us, our contractors will tell you which category has been assigned to your repair.

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