Your application and our recruitment process

Your application is very important - the information you provide is the only information we will use in deciding whether or not you will be shortlisted for the selection process. All applications must be made on line via our online portal. You may attach your CV if you wish.

Role profile and person specification

The role profile outlines briefly what you would be required to do in the job, who you will report to and the responsibilities (for people and resources) attached to the job. The person specification highlights the essential skills, knowledge and abilities needed for the job.

Supporting information

Try to give practical examples from either your personal or working life wherever possible.  Give examples of the work you have been involved in remember to write about your individual responsibilities. Always gear your application to the specific job and ensure it is relevant to the person specification.

You will receive notification that your form has been received. Always save a copy of your application form for your own reference.

Applicants with a disability

We are committed to the employment and career development of disabled people.  If you tell us that you have a disability we can make reasonable adjustments at interview.


Applications are matched against the essential requirements.  In some cases, we may decide to carry out a testing exercise before inviting people to a formal interview.

The interview

Before you come for the interview re-read the job information and refresh your memory as to what you put in your application. Make a note of any questions you have. You may also want to find out about the Association by looking on the website.

There will usually be a panel of two or three people at the interview. The questions asked will be around the requirements listed in the person specification.  

The length of the interview will depend on the type of job you are applying for, but will generally last 45 minutes to an hour.  All interviewers will take notes throughout the interview.

Making final selection

All interviewed candidates will be notified by either telephone or email about the outcome of the interview, very shortly afterwards.  The successful applicant will also receive confirmation of the offer within 5 working days.

If you are offered a job

Any job offer is subject to a number of clearances such as satisfactory references; eligibility to work in the UK; DBS check if the job involves working with children or vulnerable adults; proof of qualifications; amongst others.  Please do not hand in your notice at your current workplace until we have advised you that we have received all clearances and that you are clear to start work.

Fair recruitment

We try to ensure that every stage in our recruitment process is fair, properly carried out and that people aren’t discriminated against. If you are not successful at the interview stage of the process and would like to know the reasons why, you should contact HR in the first instance and they will be able to refer you to the relevant manager to discuss this. 

We are committed to being transparent about how we collect and use data as part of the recruitment process. To find out more about how we do this and meet our data protection obligations please click here.

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