Housing Benefit

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If you claim Housing Benefit, you should contact the Council Housing Benefit department to advise them of your change of circumstances. They will need to know who your landlord is, what your new rent is and check your income and family circumstances.

If you claim Universal Credit you must tell the Department of Work & Pensions, who your landlord is and what your new rent is.

Housing benefit & Universal Credit

If you are entitled to Housing Benefit you should claim it immediately. If you are in receipt of universal credit you will need to advise the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) of your rent so that they can assess the housing element correctly as part of your claim.

The Council Housing Benefit Department, and DWP, will need to see proof of your tenancy, the rent you should pay and your income. If you need help with completing your on line applications, please contact your Customer Services Manager, Scheme Manager or Youth Coach.

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