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What Are The Rules About Car Parking?

Car parking spaces on shared areas on estates are for the benefit of all tenants who live on the estate. Unless you are advised otherwise (usually indicated in your tenancy agreement) you do not have rights to an individual car parking space.

On the majority of our estates, parking is controlled by a nominated contractor.  If you live in one of these estates it wiIl be necessary for you to provide details about your vehicle, its licensing, insurance etc. and if all is verified you will be given a parking permit which you should keep in your vehicle at all times. Those vehicles found not to be displaying a parking permit will be issued with a penalty notice by the contractor. Generally we do not offer visitors’ permits if spaces are limited. 

Only park in designated bays and do not block other vehicles and display your permit at all times.  Where there are disabled parking bays, these should only be used by vehicle owners displaying a  blue badge. 

We do not allow parking of commercial vehicles, caravans, boats or lorries on our land.  

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