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Do I Need Permission To Put Up A TV Aerial, Satellite Dish Or To Have Cable TV? You need our permission to install a new television aerial or satellite dish.

Our newly built homes have connections to TV aerials; in the case of blocks of flats these will be to one shared aerial. The majority of blocks with more than 6 flats are now connected to a digital aerial and so provide access to both Freeview and subscription channels.

You may need to secure planning consent from the Local Authority for a satellite dish. We will not allow a dish to be erected unless that consent has been granted.

We will normally give permission for installing a new aerial or dish on street properties if planning consent has been granted, but we need to be sure that aerials, dishes or cables do not interfere with other properties, do not damage our property and have been installed correctly.

Cabling for cable television may already be laid on to your home. Please check with your cable supplier to confirm whether this is so. If you do not have cable supplied and your supplier is willing to supply it for you, you must ask our permission before proceeding. 

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