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  1. Am I allowed to keep pets in my home?

    You need our written permission if you wish to keep a pet, other than venomous reptiles. Generally, and as long as you have your own garden and a separate entrance to your home, we will not refuse permission to keep a “common” pet (e.g. a cat or dog). However, if you do keep a pet, you must make sure it does not cause a nuisance to your neighbours.

    If you keep a dog or cat, we would expect you to make sure that it does not your garden or foul common areas.  Dogs should not be allowed to bark late at night and should be kept under control by you and your family. If we do receive complaints from neighbours about any pet/s, we may ask you to remove it/them from your property

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  2. Do I Need Permission To Put Up A TV Aerial, Satellite Dish Or To Have Cable TV? You need our permission to install a new television aerial or satellite dish.

    Our newly built homes have connections to TV aerials; in the case of blocks of flats these will be to one shared aerial. The majority of blocks with more than 6 flats are now connected to a digital aerial and so provide access to both Freeview and subscription channels.

    You may need to secure planning consent from the Local Authority for a satellite dish. We will not allow a dish to be erected unless that consent has been granted.

    We will normally give permission for installing a new aerial or dish on street properties if planning consent has been granted, but we need to be sure that aerials, dishes or cables do not interfere with other properties, do not damage our property and have been installed correctly.

    Cabling for cable television may already be laid on to your home. Please check with your cable supplier to confirm whether this is so. If you do not have cable supplied and your supplier is willing to supply it for you, you must ask our permission before proceeding. 

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  3. Do I Need To Take Out Insurance For My Home And Belongings?

    It’s a good idea to consider what a home contents insurance policy would cover you. In order to help you make an informed decision on whether you need one, please click the link here for further information. 

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  4. I Am Going Away For A While, What Arrangements Do I Need To Make?

    If you plan to leave your home for longer than a month, please let your Customer Services Manager, Scheme Manager or Support Officer know.  You should provide them with your contact address and phone number and contact details for someone that you authorise to deal with your affairs whilst you are away.

    You must make arrangements to pay your rent in your absence. If you do go away for a long period without telling us, or you do not return when you have said you will, we may assume that you are no longer using our property as your main home and will start proceedings to end your tenancy.

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  5. I Am Moving Out Of My Home, What Arrangements Should I Make?

    If you are moving out of one of our properties, there are some things you must do to help your move go more smoothly and to avoid being charged by us for putting things right after you have left. These conditions apply whether you end the tenancy or we end the tenancy.

    • You must give us at least four weeks notice in writing. The date that your tenancy ends should be a Monday.
    • You should tell us your new address.
    • You must make sure that your rent and any arrears are paid up to the date that your tenancy ends.
    • You must remove all of your belongings and refuse from the property and leave the property in a clean and tidy, well-decorated condition so that no work is necessary before a new tenant moves in. All holes where you have removed shelves, pictures etc. should be cleanly filled. Your garden should also be well maintained and free from belongings and rubbish.
    • You should give access to our surveyor to inspect your home before you leave.
    • You must tell your energy suppliers and the water company that you are moving, arrange for a final reading of your gas, electricity and any water meters to be taken and make arrangements to pay the final bills. Please leave any gas and electricity keys or card in the property and with a small amount of credit on them. Your key or card cannot be used in your new home.
    • You should tell the council’s Council Tax department that you have moved and ensure that the final bill is paid.
    • If you claim Housing Benefit you should tell the council’s Housing Benefit department that you are moving. Your benefit will not be transferred automatically.
    • If you had our permission to make improvements to the property, such as fitting a new bathroom or kitchen, you may be entitled to claim some compensation. Speak to your Customer Services Manager if you think you may be entitled to compensation.
    • You should arrange for your mail to be redirected to your new address. You should allow at least 5 working days to arrange this. We are unable to accept responsibility for any post that has been delivered after you have ended your tenancy.
    • You must ensure that no-one remains living in the property after you have left it.
    • You should ensure that all gas, electricity and water supplies are turned off and that all doors, windows and gates are secure.
    • You should return all keys to the property to our head office by midday on the Monday. You may of course return the keys sooner if this is more convenient.

    If you do not take these steps, we will trace you to your new home and will recharge you for any unpaid rent, repairing any damage that was your responsibility, cleaning costs, decoration costs and for removing any rubbish or belongings that you have left.

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  6. I Want To Make Improvements To My Home, Do I Need To Ask Permission?

    You have the right to carry out improvements to your home.  However, if you want to carry out improvements or alterations, you must get our permission in writing before you start any work. You may also need other approval, such as planning permission from the council. You can fit things such as TV aerials and satellite dishes with our permission (these may need planning permission) but they are your responsibility.

    If you want to carry out any other kind of improvement (for example, fitting your own central heating, gas fire or shower units), these become our property once fitted. You cannot remove them if you move. If you have replaced existing fixtures, you must return these to us. We are not able to refund the cost of carrying out the improvement but we will take over responsibility for maintenance when we have inspected and approved the work.

    We will not increase your rent as a result of any improvements that you make to your home.

    At the end of your tenancy you may be entitled to compensation for some improvements that you have carried out, if they fall within the time period that we would have replaced them, but this would only apply to improvements that we gave you written permission for.

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  7. What Are The Arrangements For Disposing Of My Rubbish?

    Street Properties

    In street properties (houses and houses converted into flats) the local council collects your rubbish weekly either by rubbish bags or a wheelie bin. Please contact your council's refuse department for information on the arrangements in your area. 

    Blocks of flats

    In blocks of flats we provide a paladin bin for your use.

    Please make sure that all rubbish is placed in the bins provided.  Please remember to break medium and large sized items into small pieces so they do not get jammed in the bin and reduce the amount of space available and recycle items in the appropriate bins.

    If you have large items that you wish to get rid of, your Local Authority may have bulk rubbish collection schemes. You are not permitted to leave your bulk items in the bin store or around the estate and action will be taken against any tenant found to be dumping rubbish.

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  8. What Are The Rules About Car Parking?

    Car parking spaces on shared areas on estates are for the benefit of all tenants who live on the estate. Unless you are advised otherwise (usually indicated in your tenancy agreement) you do not have rights to an individual car parking space.

    On the majority of our estates, parking is controlled by a nominated contractor.  If you live in one of these estates it wiIl be necessary for you to provide details about your vehicle, its licensing, insurance etc. and if all is verified you will be given a parking permit which you should keep in your vehicle at all times. Those vehicles found not to be displaying a parking permit will be issued with a penalty notice by the contractor. Generally we do not offer visitors’ permits if spaces are limited. 

    Only park in designated bays and do not block other vehicles and display your permit at all times.  Where there are disabled parking bays, these should only be used by vehicle owners displaying a  blue badge. 

    We do not allow parking of commercial vehicles, caravans, boats or lorries on our land.  

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  9. What Can I Do If The Relationship With My Partner Breaks Down?

    When relationships break down, housing problems can arise. Personal differences or the threat of violence may make it impossible for couples and partners to continue sharing a home. You should seek independent legal advice and discuss the matter with your Customer Services Manager if you find yourself in this situation.

    In cases of domestic violence, local councils should provide temporary re-housing for the person experiencing it. We would only be able to provide assistance from a domestic violence refuge in emergency situations as we do not have temporary accommodation.

    Christian Action will not be able to provide separate housing in the event of any form of relationship breakdown. An application may be made by a tenant for a legal transfer of the tenancy under the Matrimonial Clauses Act 1973, the Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984 and the Civil Partnership Act 2004 and the Family Law Act or the Children Act.

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  10. What Should I Do If I Have Rodents Or Pests In My Home?

    If you have bed bugs, wasps, or any other vermin in your home, you must carry out your own treatment to eradicate the pests. You can buy treatments from local hardware stores such as B&Q or Homebase.

    You can get further advice from the Environmental Health Department at your Local Authority.

    If you arrange for a contractor to carry out treatment, you will be charged for this service.

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  1. Do you have an emergency repair line?

    This covers evenings, weekends and bank holidays. Telephone: 01992 765 990 – Press 1 for heating/hot water or Press 2 for all other repairs. Please do not call out of hours unless your repair is an emergency. Ask yourself whether it can wait until the next working day.

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  2. How may I report a repair?

    There are then a number of ways you can report your repair:

    By telephone on 01992 765 990
    Listen to the options:
    Press 1 for Gas Heating and/or Hot Water problems (Oakray)
    Press 2 for All Other Repairs

    By email on repairs@christianaction.org.uk

    In writing to:
    Christian Action Housing Association
    Benedict House
    61 Island Centre Way
    EN3 6GS

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  1. How do I get onto the waiting list for Retirement Housing?

    Requesting & completing an application form, asking your GP to complete a medical questionnaire; undertaking an initial needs & risk assessment/ support interview, receipt of Outcome of Assessment letter, placed on the waiting list.

    To get an application form contact us by completing this form.


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  2. How long will I have to wait to be rehoused to a retirement scheme?

    Regrettably we are unable to predict the length of time that it will take to rehouse you; so we suggest that you apply to as many housing associations etc. as possible, but we will keep you posted.


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  3. What is the age requirement for Retirement Housing?

    Th eligibilty age is 55+ for some of our schemes and 60+ for the remaining schemes, for more information please click here to read more about our different retirement schemes.

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Right to Buy

  1. Do I have the 'right to buy' my property?

    There has been a lot of publicity about the  introduction of a right to buy for Housing Association tenants. At the moment we are waiting for details of how a voluntary right to buy for housing associations will operate. When we have the details, Christian Action’s Board will discuss if and how to implement it. We will publish more information when it becomes available.


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Young People

  1. How do I access supported Housing?

    If you are 16 or 17 and have been made homeless and have a local connection to the borough of Enfield, please contact the FAST team on 0208 379 2300.They will be able to assess you and make a referral to our service for supported accommodation. Link to the website - http://www.enfield.gov.uk/youth/info/107/homeless_young_people

    If you are between the ages of 18 – 24, and have been made homeless and have a local connection to the boroughs of Enfield or Haringey please contact;

    Enfield – John Wilkes House – Housing advice team on 0208 379 1000 and asked to be referred to the Christian Action Housing advice surgery. Link to website - https://new.enfield.gov.uk/services/housing/council-housing/

    Haringey – Housing Related support team on 020 8489 3372 – Link to website - http://www.haringey.gov.uk/housing/housing-related-support-also-known-supporting-people-programme

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  2. How do I get help finding a job or getting into education or training?

    Christian Action aims to support you to achieve your goals, we have a specialist team who can offer advice and support in Education, Employment and Training (EET). We can offer you a range of opportunities and  step by step guidance to get where you want to be. For more infromation click here.

    We also recommend the following external links:





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  3. How do I get support?

    Once you have been accepted for supported accommodation and you move into the property your first point of contact is your support worker; you will also have access to your service manager, the EET advisor and our housing manager who can give you specialist advice on managing your rent.There are plenty of external agencies who can help you with a variety of issues including alcohol and drug awareness and counselling. See the links below or speak to any of the support workers for more information.




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  4. How do I pay my rent?

    You can pay your rent in the following ways:

    • Paying online using the tenant portal
    • Using your All Pay card at the Post Office or at any Paypoint outlet.
    • By setting up a Direct Debit or Standing Order with us. This would mean that the rent gets paid directly from your bank account to your rent account
    • By paying over the phone with your Debit card. You need to call 01992 765 955
    • We can also apply to have your rent taken directly from your JSA/ESA/Income Support if you are in arrears
    For more information click here.
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